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Reduce Label Chargebacks

Reduce ChargebacksReduce Label Chargebacks


TPI has been working with our clients to reduce label chargeback issues since 2001.

We have worked with manufacturers, third-party logistics companies, and many retailers to help our clients understand the chargeback process as well as reduce label chargeback expenses.  If you feel that you have been dealing with a large amount of label chargebacks, we can help you determine how it is happening, and offer you a variety of solutions needed to address the matter.



TPI Consulting

Have a TPI representative conduct a free analysis of your label chargeback issues – this includes, verify label and ribbon material, reviewing the printers in question and analyzing the printing procedure.

Solutions include:

  • changing the label material
  • changing the ribbon material
  • minor adjustments to the printer including darkness, heat, speed, printhead pressure
  • replace platen roller
  • replace printhead
  • having a TPI service technician repair the printer
  • providing a state-of-the-art Printronix printer with verifier

Contact us today so we can begin the process of helping reduce label chargebacks affecting your business.