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Zebra Certified Supplies

Zebra Certified Supplies

Zebra certified labels and ribbons and free printhead replacement program

If you are using Zebra certified supplies, such as their labels and ribbons you are eligible for free printheads.  Not only does this save you money on the cost of the printhead (up to $650) but can also reduce chargebacks since you won’t try to extend the life of a bad printhead since they are free.  

Zebra certified labels have additional benefits as well- 

– All Zebra certified supplies and products are subjected to a rigorous 26-point ISO 9001:2008 certified quality approval process. We inspect the raw material prior to production, the product as it is being manufactured, and the finished product.

– We never substitute materials for any reason.

– We only use inks, varnishes, tools and equipment that are compatible with thermal printing materials. Exceptional Service

– 4 supplies converting facilities across US for quick delivery.

– Disaster response plan includes duplicate capabilities across our facilities, as well as retained qualified partner convertors to prevent the disruption of service to our customers.

– Free print head replacement when you purchase Zebra certified supplies for your Zebra printers.

– Free on-site labeling assessment to identify opportunities to improve labeling processes, supplies materials and their design to optimize productivity and efficiency.

– Managed inventory options to keep your supply replenished just-in-time and support lean manufacturing initiatives.

– Ability to consult with customers to design, produce and deliver custom printing supplies to meet unique needs. 

If for some reason these solutions don’t reduce the chargebacks TPI offers  Printronix printers with verifiers