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Wireless Design and Installation

Wireless Network Design and Installation

To keep up with today’s on demand world, you need a wireless network that can deliver on demand throughput!TPI West Wireless Specturm Analyzer


The need for proper, professional wireless network design and installation is of the utmost importance to any business and is one of the key contributors to your ability to keep your workflow processes running smoothly. At TPI West, we’ve long been considered leading experts of wireless technology.

Our wireless engineers have decades of experience when it comes to wireless network design and debugging. After your network has been designed, our wireless engineering team can get to work on the wireless network installation needed for your operation.

Many of our clients are looking to upgrade software to browser based applications or modernizing old telnet screens on to the Android platform.  The investment in new hardware can be a great tool for productivity.

We need to make sure your network is up to speed to be able handle it. This is where our wireless network design and installation services come into play. Advances in wireless network access points and controllers have greatly reduced the price of a new network while adding great benefits of seamless roaming, eliminating downtime, and increased productivity.  Let TPI analyze your current network and provide a new network to meet you future demands. We can provide you with a variety of options suited to your specific needs prior to wireless network installation. We guarantee that you will be left with a wireless network capable of keeping up with your operations.