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Streamline Your Workforce with Effective Communication

Streamline your workforce and boost productivity by transforming your barcode terminals into full-featured communication devices using Zebra’s all new Workforce Connect Software. TPI offers easy-to-use software that adds text messaging and push-to-talk voice calls to barcode terminals, , mobile phones, and desk phones, replacing the need for two-way radios. Increase efficiency and eliminate delays by better managing remote workers and removing multiple devices.

At TPI, our solutions keep your employees focused and safe from handling multiple devices and saves your IT team valuable time by supporting less devices. Adding communications to barcode terminals not only increases ROI, but also lets your organization:

  • Combine two-way radios, barcode scanners, and mobile phones into one tool for a more productive and streamlined workflow.
  • Manage teams remotely with text messages or push-to-talk communications.
  • Empower team members with instant communication.
  • One device to manage = saves time and money.

We provide communication without complication by adding Zebra’s Workforce Connect to any solution. Your workers can grab any device in the pool and go! Everyone is connected to contacts, applications and device features with a touch of a button. Speed up your team’s response and improve workflow.

Want more information on making your barcode scanner do more work for you? Contact our team at TPI today. We’re On It.