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Analysis Of Chargeback Issues

Vendor Compliance Chargeback Analysis

TPI has been working with our clients to reduce chargeback issues since 2001. 

If your vendor chargebacks have been increasing, know that TPI West is available to help. We have worked with manufacturers, third party Logistics companies as well as many retailers to help our clients understand the chargeback process and reduce the expenses associated with vendor compliance requirements.

Our vendor compliance chargeback analysis service helps identify under what circumstances shipments are listed as noncompliant so that we can begin to make the adjustments needed to reduce your number of vendor chargebacks.

We will take a detailed look at past chargeback incidents to look for any patterns. We will thoroughly review all technology in use to identify if barcode label printers are the culprit, for instance. We will also take a detailed look at your internal practices, as many retailers have their own set of guidelines that must be adhered to. Once we’ve identified any patterns, we can begin making suggestions for how you best avoid future vendor chargebacks.

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