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Custom Labels

Custom Barcode Labels, Barcode Tags


With years of experience under our belt, TPI has provided countless customers with the best custom barcode labels and barcode tags that they require for their current label needs. For over two decades, we’ve helped match the needs of businesses with the various stock labels and tags available. But every now and then, the available stock options will not meet the needs of your business. If you need a custom solution, we have years of experience designing and producing custom barcode labels and barcode tags, perfect for your company.

With over 300 pre-tested materials and extensive customization capabilities, TPI can create a custom barcode label, barcode tag, to meet the exact requirements of your application.

Our custom printing capabilities include:

    • Custom sizes and shapes
    • Preprinted barcode labels with human readable print
    • LPN, license plate, or lip labels for tracking pallets in the warehouse
    • Preprinted text, graphics and logos,
    • Flood-coated color
    • Up to 12 water-based colors and 8 UV colors
    • PMS color matching
    • Security inks
    • Perforations, face slits, and back slits
    • Front and backside printing
    • Rolls or Fan-Fold
    • Adhesive deadening and spot coating
    • Laminating
    • Pre-printing of UL mark