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MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Touch Computer

MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Touch Computer


The Ultimate Android Ultra-rugged Keypad/Touch Device

Representing the next generation of the world’s best-selling and most trusted enterprise mobile computer family, the MC9300 builds on the MC9000 Series and makes it even better. It delivers unsurpassed power and performance while continuing the legacy of rugged, reliable construction and superior all-day comfort.

The MC9300 boasts the very best of today’s mobile technologies, the latest Android OS (Oreo)—and new Mobility DNA solutions to help customers get more from their mobile device investment.

As the most rugged MC9000 Series device ever created, the MC9300 is ready to outlast virtually every device in its class in any environment—including demanding cold-storage and hazardous environments. Customers get the simplicity of Android, the ultimate in processing power and memory, a larger touch display, the ability to capture the most challenging direct part marks and barcodes, twice the battery run time of the MC9200 and more.

MC9300 Accessories

The MC9300 and MC9000 Series offer one of the most robust accessory families in their class, so customers can customize a solution to meet their unique application and backroom needs. The MC9300 is backward compatible with many MC9200 accessories, such as the soft holster and hand strap. Customers can use their existing MC9200 device charging solutions by adding an adapter cup.

Accessories available for the MC9300 include:

PowerPrecision+ battery packs
Multiple charging options including single-slot cradle and rugged charging cable, ShareCradle and multi-slot battery chargers that simplify and save space
Advanced charging cradles that perform a 90% charge in 3.5 hours or less
A variety of holsters and carrying options
Stylus for capacitive touch panel


MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Touch Computer


·  Logistics/Warehousing
·  Manufacturing
·  Retail
·  Cold Chain
·  Government


·    Inventory Counts
·    Replenishment
·    Price Verification
·    Price Management
·    Asset Management


Our clients that will benefit from the MC9300 are those that:

  • Desire the latest technology and the familiarity of Android. With the MC9300, workers get the ultimate in simplicity with Android, an operating system they already know well, the ultimate in processing power and memory, a larger advanced touch display, the ability to capture the most challenging direct part marks and barcodes and more.
  • Have TE applications and want to be able to run these applications out of the box now, on Android, without retraining users. The MC9300 offers integrated support for TE apps and makes it easy to migrate from Windows to Android—no backend modification or user training required. And when customers want to turn ‘green screen’ TE apps into elegant touch-centric intuitive screens to boost productivity, Mobility DNA’s All-touch TE makes it easy.
  • Want a solution that can be configured for their environment (cold, hazardous materials), their particular data capture requirements (multiple scanner options, including direct part mark (DPM)), and their user input requirements (multiple keypad options)—or—will benefit from using a single device across diverse environments. Regardless of whether the environment includes freezers, coolers or the presence of hazardous materials, there is an MC9300 model to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Have ROI concerns around device or OS lifespan and appreciate future proofing, including LifeGuard™ for Android™ and built-in support for future Android versions P and Q.
  • May be experiencing productivity hits due to poor battery life or poor connectivity. PowerPrecision+ battery delivers the most battery power in its class—plus fast charging and a wealth of battery statistics to better manage the battery pool. With 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology and WorryFree WiFi, a free Mobility DNA tool, users get increased WiFi range and speed, exceptional voice quality and network diagnostics that help keep the WiFi network up and running at peak performance.


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