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Zebra and Honeywell are the last two major players in the barcode and RFID world!

Have you used a Symbol scanner or Datamax printer over the years?

How about an LXE, Psion, or Teklogix?

All of these companies have been bought or merged into other companies. Why is this important? You want to make sure that the equipment you are buying is still going to be around and supported going forward. Just because you have bought Intermec scanners in the past, doesn’t mean they will be the gun of the future. We work diligently with our clients and our manufacturers to make sure we are educating you on the latest technology available.

In the last year alone, a few of the biggest have been taken over. Zebra now owns Motorola, Symbol, Psion, Teklogix, etc. Honeywell now owns Intermec, Datamax, and LXE. When making your next decision on adding to your current system or replacing your old equipment, please contact TPI and we will be glad to help you make the best decision for your project.

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