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Zebra Printer Rebate

Get cash back for trading in your thermal printer for a Zebra.

Technology is changing more rapidly than ever. It’s difficult to decide on the best time to upgrade in order to get the best return on your investment. If you’re compromising efficiency or accuracy so that you can avoid purchasing new hardware, you’re losing valuable time and money. So, rather than look at what it will cost to upgrade to more advanced technology, ask yourself what it’s costing you NOT to do it now.
Zebra is making a great offer right now. You can trade in your current thermal printer—even if it’s not a Zebra model—toward the purchase of a new Zebra thermal printer (mobile, card, desktop, or industrial) from TPI West, and get a cash rebate. Depending on the Zebra printer you choose, you earn up to $650 cash back. The GO Zebra Trade-in Program. Zebra takes care of safely recycling your old printer.
Zebra’s tough industrial printers are ideal for rough environments, like a plant floor or warehouse. The Xi4 Series is engineered to print high volume, with the same superior quality from the first label to last. The Xi4 models earn from $300 to $500 rebate each, plus an additional $50 rebate when you add Zebra OneCare’s added protection to your purchase.
Zebra’s rugged mobile printers, like the QLn series, can significantly increase productivity when workers don’t need to move back and forth to a print station, but can produce labels right in a warehouse aisle or from their vehicle, for example. And each QLn printer earns a $75 rebate.
To take advantage of the GO Zebra Trade-in Program, contact TPI West to determine your printer needs. We’ll guide you to the right choice. The rest is easy!
Purchase your new Zebra printer from TPI West between January 1 and December 31, 2017. Register online for your rebate within 90 days of your purchase, using the TPI West invoice with the date, model number, and serial number for each eligible Zebra printer you buy (there’s no limit!). Ship your current printer when you receive the prepaid shipping label or freight pickup notice.
For ruggedness, consistent quality, ease of use, connectivity, and unmatched value, Zebra printers are the number one choice. Talk to us at TPI West to learn more.

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