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Introducing the All New Zebra TC8000

What Windows was for the computer, Apple was for the cell phone, the TC8000 is for rugged mobile computing (barcode terminals).  Rugged mobile computers have lagged behind consumer products in innovative technology and ease of use for many years.  That has been changing over the last number of years with the introduction of consumer grade technology, but built on a less durable platform.

Examples of these are the Honeywell barcode sled for the iPhone and iPod, Zebra mc45, Honeywell 60s, to name a few.  Many warehouse and distribution companies tried to use these devices in a rugged environment.  Why not, they were much cheaper and easy to use.  The one main problem, durability.  We had clients with stacks of broken devices piled high on their desk.  Constantly having to manage repair request, service contracts and multiple spare devices to manage a work force.  Not to mention, the amount of down time teams encountered when one of these devices broke down and they had to swap it out during a shift.

The Best of Both Worlds

TC8000 Warehouse mobile computerThe Zebra TC8000 is the first device in our rugged mobile computing space that combines the best of both worlds.  It has all of the feature and functionality of an Android device with the durability to match the Zebra mc9200 or the Intermec ck70.  The first major advancement would be the form and functionality of the device.

The idea came from having to scan, then tilt the device up to see the screen to verify what you just scanned.  The TC8000 allows you to scan and look at the screen at the same time, thus saving you countless seconds each time as well as reducing fatigue on wrist motion.  It can sound small, but it all adds up.  In studies done, the new TC8000 can save an hour a day per device.  If you have 40 people using the device in your distribution center, that is like having one extra worker for free.

The new form factor for the TC8000 is just the beginning of the technological advancements.  As I mentioned it is tough, with multiple drops from 8ft, it is rated the most durable in its class.  The battery is also much larger and can last up to 3 shifts. If you do runout of battery you can hot swap to a new battery, without turning off the unit or losing your session.

Still looking at a green screen to do all of your work? That technology is from the 80’s.  The new all touch terminal emulation takes your old green screen and converts it to what looks more like an iPhone screen without having to change any host modifications or coding.

The TC8000 is 33% lighter

Did I mention, that it is 33% lighter than the Zebra MC9000 series.  It also has the ability to do hands-free scanning with proximity scanning feature.  Imagine picking products and being able to work with both hands and leave the scanner in you holster.

It is very exciting for the warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, logistics space that requires the durability of the MC9200 but want the form and functionality of today’s Android or IPhone.

Zebra TC8000


The TC8000 is your answer.  If you would like more information about this product or would like us to come out to your facility to see if it will help save you time and money, please contact me

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