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Zebra TC-8000 ergonomically correct scan angle



The all new Zebra TC-8000 has many new features that make it the easiest and most comfortable mobile data terminal ever made. The new scan angle eliminates the tilt and verify motion that is required by scanners like the Motorola MC9090 or the Intermec CK71. The result is a 55% reduction in the wrist motion that it takes to scan throughout the day and a great reduction in muscle fatigue. To further reduce muscle fatigue, the TC8000 is 33% lighter than any other scanner in its class. The combination of ergonomics and overall weight makes the TC8000 the most comfortable barcode terminal on the market.
Toughest barcode terminal
While making the TC8000 the most comfortable barcode terminal to use on the market, Zebra did not sacrifice durability. The Zebra TC8000 is the most durable terminal ever made. The TC8000 is rated for multiple drops from 8 feet, compared to 6 feet rating for the MC9200, one of the toughest terminals ever produced. Comfortable design, light weight and most durable add up to a great option for the intensive scan of all warehouse and distribution centers.

The Zebra TC-8000

  • Revolutionary ergonomic design
  • Lightest weight
  • Toughest durability
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