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The Zebra 3600 Series: Rugged scanners just got tougher
The market has put tight demands on manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation and logistics. You don’t have room for error, so you look for ways to increase efficiency. One solution is to pinpoint and get rid of wasted effort.
In these tough, busy environments, you rely on your technology to be fast, reliable, and accurate. Numerous attempts to scan a hard-to-read barcode is a waste of time. Replacing devices that aren’t tough enough for these conditions costs you in downtime and capital expenditures. So, you look for the devices that are both tough and dependable.
At TPI West, we’ve always relied on Zebra to deliver on both counts, and we haven’t been disappointed. So, we were surprised when Zebra—the pioneer of rugged enterprise computing—took it a step farther. They introduced the 3600 Series of Ultra-Rugged barcode scanners.
We wondered how much tougher the 3600 Series could be, so we checked it out. Here’s what we learned.
The 3600 is as indestructible as a barcode scanner can get. Toss it in a bucket of water and leave it there for up to half an hour. Drop it onto a concrete floor from 8 feet up. Use it outdoors or in a freezer. Spray it with a hose. Kick it around. Even after 5,000 tumbles, the 3600 keeps working.
We tried all sorts of scanning. The 3600 captured the barcodes the first time, even those under shrinkwrap, and from as far away as 70 feet (with the extended range scanner).
For incredible efficiency, the 3600’s multi-code feature grabs as many as 20 barcodes with one pull of the trigger.
You can scan barcodes off a printed page or an electronic screen.
The PowerPrecision+ battery has 50 percent more capacity than competitive models, and lets the worker get up to 70,000 scans with one battery charge.
The Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) connectivity enables lightning fast speed for data capture while maximizing battery life.
Contact us at TPI West to learn more about the incredible power, versatility, and reliability of Zebra’s new 3600 Series of Ultra-Rugged Scanners,

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