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Printhead Protection Program

Quality printer supplies = quality printer output (and free printheads, too)

It’s often true that ”you get what you pay for.” Sometimes, a bargain ends up costing you more than the initial savings you get.
Printer supplies are a good example. You can find off-brand supplies that are less expensive, but what are you actually getting? Is the manufacturing up to par? Probably not.
Cost-cutting for barcode label printer supplies could mean lesser quality media, like labels and tags. This media leaves behind dirt and debris that can damage your printhead, the most expensive part to replace on a thermal printer. Adhesive can ooze from the label and make a mess inside your barcode label printer, too. Bargain printer ribbons snap and also cause problems to your printer. Even if the printer doesn’t falter from the supplies, you might compromise the print quality. If you have to reprint and use up more media and ribbons, where are your savings?
In addition to the cost of repairing your printer as a result of the bargain supplies, you also have the cost of downtime. How much time is wasted with IT staff addressing the problem? What happens to your production while the printer is down? How often do your workers reprint labels and tags because of poor quality?
There are certainly places where you can buy an off-brand product and get great results. Printing isn’t one of them. The investment in your thermal printer is too valuable to risk its longevity by saving a few bucks on supplies.
TPI West can help you out with a special offer, the Printhead Protection Program. When you use only genuine Zebra supplies in your Zebra printer, you will receive free printhead replacements. At an average of $400-$450 per printhead, that’s a significant value.
There’s no cost to join the Printhead Protection Program. Just ask your TPI West representative when you’re placing your printer supplies order. We’ll ensure that you only receive genuine Zebra supplies, which are manufactured under strict standards to ensure consistent quality, from one order to the next.
Contact TPI West to get started on reducing the total cost of ownership of your Zebra printer.


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