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Zebra TC8000 Features 2 Way Radio and Built in Flash Light

Zebra-TC8000-Features-2-Way-RadioWe have been working on introducing the all new Zebra TC8000 to our clients over the past month. I have tried to highlight many of the new innovations that the TC8000 brings to our market. Last week I brought an actual unit to some of our clients to test in it their facilities. The results of the test were interesting to see what features the TC8000 provided the most benefit for each customer.

I can tell you that the most common response was the ability to combine 3 tools in one. We know the TC8000 has a great new barcode scanner, but did you know it has a push to talk 2-way radio built in and has a flashlight as well. I had a number of my clients say that their people currently carry all 3 and they have the added expense of buying and maintaining all 3.

With the new TC8000 these can all be accomplished in one unit.

If you would like to find out how the TC8000 might reduce costs in your facility, please contact Jim at 949-888-2220

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