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TC8000 barcode terminal, Is it time to replace an MC9000?

The future wants its mobile barcode terminal back! Introducing the all new TC8000

The all new TC8000 has game changing features that can justify replacing your old MC9000 barcode terminal!

1. More durable with drop specs to 8ft compared to 6ft for the mc9000
2. 33% lighter than the mc9000 for less fatigue for your workers
3. Front-view screen eliminates scan and tilt to add 15% more time per worker per day
4. New terminal emulation converts your green screen into an all touch screen for ease and speed
5. Change the battery without turning the unit off and losing connection
6. Hands free scanning just hold the barcode up to the scanner and it will scan it

Would you like to see the TC8000 in action at your facility, just email me and we will set it up.

Want to learn more about these exciting new features?

This is a link to our website with more information on the TC8000:

Here is a great video that shows the it in action:

Here is another great video that explains the revolutionary all touch terminal emulation:


These features of the new scanner will allow for a more efficient workforce for logistics, warehouse, distribution centers, manufacturing and retail.  The ease of use with the all touch terminal emulation that will make it easier to read and to input data.  The new ergonomic form factor that will save up to 14% per worker per day will add dollars to your bottom line.  The new battery that can last up to 3 shifts and can be hot swapped, which means it can be replaced without turning the unit off and without losing your connection is awesome.  The fact that it is 25% more durable and 33% lighter make this the most powerful scanner on the market.


Jim Clancy
TPI West

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