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ZT 600

Zebra introduces ZT600 industrial printer: More brain, more brawn


Zebra’s Xi series of industrial printers set the standard for high performance, so, when we heard that the Xi was being replaced by a new set of thermal printers, our first question at TPI West was, “What could they have improved upon?”

With the new ZT600 series (ZT610 and ZT620), Zebra has made upgrades that we didn’t anticipate, incorporating what Zebra calls “future-facing technology”. The improvements we’ve seen in the ZT600 include:

600 dpi resolution (in the ZT610) for micro-labels as small as 3 mm—ideal for circuit boards, chips, and miniature components

Highly precise registration for micro-consistent printing without waste

     Adaptable design to enable field upgrades

Long-life printheads reduce replacement cost and downtime

Printhead pressure toggles with a scale and color-coded pressure indicators allow for simple adjustments

Standard connectivity for Serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, dual USB Host, and Bluetooth with two open slots for optional Parallel, 802.11 a/c, Applicator Port, IPv6, and BLE.

Zebra Link-OS Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, Mobile Device Management connectors, and Visibility Services provide for streamlined device and network management.

The ZT600 printers have kept all the plusses of the Xi:

All-metal components resist extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and dirt

Side-loading and guided media paths simplify the task and reduce the space requirement

Built-in thermal management that eliminates vents and fans to prevent dust and debris

High-quality construction to deliver superior quality, speed, and reliability

The ZT610 replaces the Zebra 110Xi4 and the R110Xi4 (RFID). The ZT620 replaces the 140Xi4 and the 170Xi4.
If you’re ready to see what the future of industrial printers looks like, contact TPI West to arrange for a demo of the new Zebra ZT600 printers.


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